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Music Promotion Channels

There are really a lot of music promotion channels out there. Being a music promotion channel involves a lot of work and the benefits of hosting copyrighted music can be very low at times. If you’re choosing to become a music promotion channel, you have to have a very good ear and aim for reaching as big of an audience as possible. You will face much larger hurdles to your growth than if you were to create everything and retain all the rights for yourself.

3 Strikes

For Youtube in particular, the dreaded 3 copyright strikes will shut down a channel. In an effort to keep most of their work up, these channels often shut down after receiving 2 copyright strikes at one time. While it’s not impossible for them to come back, it’s a lot less profitable to return to a once failed project.


Mashups are another popular medium where two or more songs are integrated together to create a new experience. All of the above copyright advice still applies here, but without getting into too much detail, a mashup is really just 1 type of content that you could make and shouldn’t be a main focus.

Cover Songs

Cover songs are not considered legally significant from their original songs in most cases. In order to legally redistribute a song (like putting it on youtube, for example) you have to pay for a license. The Harry Fox Agency has you covered in that department.

Having a few cover songs or an entire channel dedicated to covers can have high startup costs if you’re going to do everything legally.

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